• New Product: l'ocean paddle

    Introducing the L’Ocean Paddle, a simple yet sophisticated device that allows you to reach into small bottles and get to the end of your products. Whether you need to use the end of your lotion or simply want to transfer some into a container, the L’Ocean Paddle is your go-to accessory. The materials used are eco-friendly and the assembly of the product is done through a partnership with the Fogarty Center in Rhode Island that helps people of all abilities...

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  • It Keeps Getting Better

    Well designed packaging and high quality products have always been important to us at Shore Soap Co. In an effort to continually improve, we’ve designed our new candle boxes to better fit our dual-purpose tumbler glasses. They not only look sleek and refined, but also dramatically reduce shipping costs by cutting out excess space. They are made with FSC paper which means it is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and has been sourced in an environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and economically...

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  • Fan Favorite: Soap Net

    If you're a regular user of natural, handcrafted soaps you know the one downside is if left sitting in water they can become soft and dissolve quickly. That's where soap nets come in - they provide gentle exfoliation, lots of lather, and a storage solution that preserves your soap! The stretchy loop ensures you never drop the soap and can be used to hang the bar up when you are finished. This allows the soap to dry in between uses, greatly extending the life.

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